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Where Creativity and Conservation Connect

           Happen's Toy Lab is a one-of-a-kind, wacky laboratory where kids and adults can create their own toys using their minds and imaginations along with our collection of recycled toy parts all of which were donated by the community. For just $12.00 (plus tax) you can pick out seven pieces from our parts bins from which to create your new toy. Our trained professors will build your toy just how you tell them while you wait. Once your creation is complete it's up to you to give it a name and some super powers so a photo of your toy can join thousands of others in our online Toy Gallery. When you're all done you'll head home with your amazing creation and the knowledge that by building a toy at Happen's Toy Lab you kept old and broken toys from ending up in the landfill and helped Happen continue to offer free art activities to the community.

           Over the years Happen's Toy Lab has built over 20,000 toys at our store and at our mobile Toy Lab keeping an estimated 5 tons of plastic out of local landfills. In our experience toy building is a fun, creative activity for people of all ages but works best for children ages 6-12. Keep in mind that creating a toy can take between 20 and 45 minutes which is why we recommend that if you're planning a visit to Happen's Toy Lab that you make a reservation to ensure that your visit doesn't overlap with another reservation. Thanks!  

4203 Hamilton Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45223


513-751-2345 •


Saturday & Sunday 11:00AM - 5:00PM

Toy Building and Much More

    Happen's Toy Lab is also home to BE3D, Happen's 3D scanning              and printing where for just $36.00 (plus tax) you can have your               image immortalized in plastic. We use a handheld 3D camera to             capture your likeness then you can choose from one of four designs       for your print which can be picked up after one week. We also have a    growing selection of 3D printed souveniers designed and printed in our store availble for purchase. Plus you can stop the front window of Happen's offices at 1606 Chase Ave. (just around the corner from Happen's studio) to see a display where you can learn all about how we      capture and print our BE3D creations. You may even get to see our                3D printer in action as it manufactures someone's print over the                     course of five hours. If you're interested in getting your own                           BE3D print call us and make an appointment to be                                       scanned, it only takes 5-10 minutes but because you                                  have to remain very still during scanning we can

                                    only recommend it for ages 8 and up. Thanks.   

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