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Visit the Happen's Toy Lab custom toy store page by following link to the right or click right here!

This will open a new page where you can complete the order process for one or more custom, mail-order Toy Lab toys.

        Happen's Toy Lab now offers custom-made toys sent to your home. Just provide your toy name and super powers and our experienced toy professors will use your toy name and super powers as inspiration to build your new toy from our collection of donated, cut and cleaned toy parts. Next we will photograph, throughly clean and ship your toy to your door. And we'll also send you a link to a video clip of your toy being made. 
        Ordering a custom from Happen's Toy Lab helps keep old and broken plastic and rubber toys out of landfills and helps support Happen, Inc. provide free art activities to families through our community in Cincinnati. 
        Custom built toys are all approximately 7" action figure sized and arrive a 8"x6"x4" box, shipping costs are included in the price.


Next, click on the 'Custom Toy for Home Delivery' button to go to the order screen. Fill out the 'Toy Name' and 'Super Powers' fields, this is where our toy professors will draw their inspiration so make sure your toy creator takes their time with this step. 


*OPTIONAL* You can also add a custom toy tee-shirt to your order with a picture of your toy builder's toy creation. Just pick the tee shirt size you need for the toy builder. We'll mail you tee out within two weeks of your order in a separate package. 


Once everything is filled out add your toy to the cart and proceed to the check out.

*IMPORTANT* If you want to order more than one toy, add your first toy to your cart then click "Continue Shopping". Next, add the 'Toy Name' and 'Super Powers' information for the second toy and add it to the cart. Then continue this process for any additional toys or check out. 


Once we get your order our toy professors will get to work putting your toy together and ready to head to your door. We'll send you a message once your toy is on its way and we'll include a link to a video of its construction, prep and shipping. 

Just click right here to go to the custom toy delivery shop!

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